This is a website to permanently provide all information and materials to you such as products, services and brands relating to Ganz.

One of the characteristics of this website is that information and materials relating to all products of Ganz brand expanding all over the world can be equally obtained, regardless of sales regions or group companies in each country.

The second characteristic is the method to view documents and data on products. There is an "information introduction page" by document or data such as manuals, specification sheets, photos, catalogs and promotional pamphlets.

When you would like to obtain documents or data, first click each menu button with the title "Computar & Ganz Global Data Center" right side of each webpage. You can search by "brand" (Ganz, Computar, etc.), by "product" such as camera, recorder, lens and software, and by content such as manual, specification sheet, catalog and photograph. It is also possible to search by directly entering a keyword or model number relating to Ganz' products and services.

"Candidates" of documents or data relating to the brand, product or category of materials selected by a user in the above, or relating to the keyword or model number directly entered are displayed in a list, from which the content you wish to view can be accessed.

The latest content to introduce the Ganz brand, access information for each country or branch, and latest news in the world are also introduced as they become available.