Technical development

Ganz as a sister brand engages in development of imaging equipment for security use or industrial use for nearly 40 years since lens development with "Computar" brand which played a role as a predecessor of "Ganz," a sister brand and manufacturer of surveillance cameras.

During this period, not only surveillance cameras but also the technology of imaging equipment evolved at an accelerated pace. Waves of digitization appeared before long and quickly merged into software field or network field, evolving into today's business that cannot be completed with the idea limited to the category of security use or industrial use for development of products or systems.

Under such circumstances, Ganz maintains and develops product quality as a manufacturer of surveillance camera systems by proactively implementing network technology with hardware development and software development on both ends. Since the launch of the brand, global marketing has been expanded with bases in each region of Japan, Asia, the U.S. and Europe where development bases and sales bases are located.

It is the basic development method of Ganz products to understand the demand from the global market, and utilize information and technical trends obtained with multidirectional approaches including hardware, software and network.


Global marketing

In times like this when borderless product development technology and global marketing is evident, Ganz can be called a leading manufacturer's brand to further lead the next generation under the CBC Group as the parent organization that owns international networks in many fields and develops multicolored businesses from manufacturing to trading.

One of the characteristics of Ganz with many bases in the world is the marketing structure rooted in the region covered by the base. Ganz' global development has a purpose to consolidate product development for efficiency improvement, ensure high reliability as industrial products even including mass-produced products, and provide them with many users in the world. On the other hand, the purpose to focus on the situation of a market in each region and provide products desired by users with reasonable specifications and pricing has been rather growing.

The lineup of product models is unusually versatile and rich in quantity, providing proper products and systems in response to markets in each region of the world.

Partner corporations for technical development also extend to various regions in Asia, North America and Europe. Technologies necessary to develop surveillance camera systems vary. Advanced regions exist for each technology. In order to acquire the latest technical information and quality control method of the times, real networks are still necessary in all places of the world, which is the largest weapon for Ganz as a leader of surveillance camera systems.

Ganz has been simultaneously creating new ideas and developing new technologies in every place of the world. Ideas and technologies born in many places in the world at the same time are integrated into one product or one system, to be reduced into all markets in the world in a form that matches each situation. They bear fruit as an abundant lineup and variation of Ganz products, acquiring high evaluation from every user in the world.


Manufacturer's brand that began in Japan as a leader in the field of optical equipment and precision equipment

Computar, a sister brand of Ganz in production of lens products, was born in Japan. Various optical equipment manufacturers in Japan came to receive the most progressive evaluation in cameras and lens equipment in terms of high technical strength as well as of thorough quality control and cost management in the past half a decade.

In addition to famous full-scale camera manufacturers in the world such as Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Sony, Panasonic and Ricoh, there are numerous corporations that support these major brands in Japan. These corporations have high technical strength and production facilities suitable to support such major brands.

Until recently, Ganz expanded the production volume and development bases in Japan as well as to other Asian countries, the U.S. and Europe. Plants were established in China and Bangladesh receiving support from all over the world. During the development period of Ganz, it was supported by Japanese corporations with high technical strength along with Computar.

In the background of evolution from production commencement of Computar lens products in 1974 to current Ganz products, there is a culture of technologies and experiences, stable performance, cost performance and thorough quality control that contributed to high evaluation of Japanese imaging equipment by the world. The unique culture rooted in "made-in-Japan" will never be lost even if Ganz products come to be manufactured at any place in the world in the future.


Technical partner corporations

We are affiliated with many technical partner corporations in the world. Particularly in the field of network surveillance cameras and network recorders, performance is strengthened for further improvement of usability and scalability by ensuring compatibility with competitive manufacturers' products through technical affiliation with each partner company (e.g., operate a network surveillance camera made by a competitor and record the images by using a network recorder and control software made by Ganz).