CS Mount cameras

Most standard and global best-selling series of Ganz surveillance cameras with compact box-style body mountable by selecting various kinds of superior Computar lenses depending on installation situations. The 700TVL high-resolution model is currently the core product. The latest digital image processing technology is incorporated in the compact chassis with an abundant lineup of models that can meet installation situations, system environments,


Dome cameras

Analog surveillance camera for indoor and outdoor use stored in a dome cover. It is a popular series with functionality and durability as well as excellent cost performance, supported by many users in the world along with Ganz CS mount cameras. The latest digital image processing technology is incorporated onto a more compact chassis than Ganz CS mount cameras, and an abundant lineup and variation is available including models with pan/tilt/zoom functions as well as outdoor models.


Thermal, IR, wall & corner mount cameras

Ganz has been developing products utilizing all kinds of technologies to accommodate various possible installations for surveillance camera systems. Many surveillance camera products are manufactured by utilizing heat detection technology and infrared technology to securely capture objects, miniaturization technology to effectively install surveillance cameras in every space, and knowledge on


Mini cameras and board cameras

Embedded products not only for surveillance use but also for industrial use with excellent durability and customizability are the strength of Computar as the brand of lens products produced by the CBC Group along with Ganz. Packaged products as well as customized models to accommodate users' requests are manufactured. Many plants and corporations regardless of regions of the world or industry types have given consistent evaluation.



Ganz is also highly evaluated by many users in the world with the "digital video recorder" products at the core along with cameras for analog surveillance camera systems.
Original software responsible for system integrity control and various recording functions has also been developed in a way to optimize Ganz hardware. Latest network technologies are implemented and advanced remote performance is equipped through mobile operation with smartphones and the Internet, realizing control from versatile web browser software for PCs.


Network video devices (IP cameras, NVRs and software)

The field of network camera systems also continues to be in a position to lead the industry with the background of technologies and knowledge cultivated in the analog field.
An enriched lineup as a total system is also available including not only CS mount cameras and dome cameras but also control products such as control software and network recorders. In terms of technology, we have partner corporations for advanced image analysis technology and network technology, to constantly develop products with the latest technologies under fast-moving technology innovation in the world.

"Pixel Pro" Series

This model is part of the global strategy for Ganz network cameras. It is designed on the premise of installing superior Computar lenses, similar to Ganz' reputable analog surveillance camera products. The latest network technology and digital image technology are proactively implemented, based on durability and reliability required as a surveillance camera.

"Pixel Master" Series

Recorder unit for Ganz' latest network surveillance cameras(Network Video Recorder). Remote control is also available through a network or the Internet with web software for versatile PCs such as Internet Explorer as well as through smartphones, in addition to control with Ganz' original control software for exclusive use.

NVR servers and software

We develop original control software that can centralize the control of versatile PCs and Ganz' original network video recorders as well as of surveillance cameras that can be connected to them on the network. "Ganz Vision" for the North America market and "Ganz Pro" for the Japan market are also originally developed to accommodate the situations of the regions. Ganz also provides server products and customized PCs that are optimized to operate such software and containing sufficient stock of image data for each region.


Accessories & kits (lighting, power, mounting and viewing)

More than 30 years of knowledge as a surveillance camera manufacturer is utilized in every aspect including the products themselves and optional parts. There are also a variety of accessory products to effectively adapt the system to all environments including cost performance and customizability, not mentioning excellent reliability and durability.



Most engineers engaging in development would answer that the most important part in camera products is the "lens." Similarly, lenses are the initial part to determine system performance for surveillance cameras. Ganz' surveillance cameras do not allow any compromise in their lenses. "Computar," the global manufacturer of surveillance cameras and industrial lenses produced by the CBC Group along with Ganz is 100% utilized. Through close coordination with development of surveillance cameras, high-precision and high-performance lenses are manufactured.