Global brand of surveillance camera systems and security products
that began in Japan and is spreading throughout the world

Comprehensive manufacturer's brand that offers various solutions from cameras and recorders to various types of peripheral equipment, analog to IP/digital, and also integrated application systems. Ganz brand is superior in its high performance and cost effectiveness and contributes to "safety and security" for people throughout the world.


Ganz is a brand of security systems and products produced by the CBC Group.

Ganz is produced by the "CBC Group" a global network corporation encompassing a broad scope including chemical, resin, medical,information/electronics, IT and security equipment, providing high-quality and highly-reliable products.

The CBC Group is comprised of a hybrid-style business structure with a global network and abundant expertise as a general trading company with more than an 80-year history enhanced by technical strength as a manufacturer. CBC can flexibly accommodate customer needs from unique planning, development and production to structuring of distribution/sales routes.


Operation by the Imaging Technology Division of the CBC Group along with "Computar"
the brand of surveillance cameras and industrial lenses

The Imaging Technology Division of the CBC Group is in charge of design, production and global distribution of CCTV cameras,network cameras, and related peripheral equipment of the Ganz brand as well as lenses for surveillance cameras and industrial machinery of the Computar brand.

The CBC Group that owns both Ganz and Computar brands is valued as one of the corporations that provide the most abundant product lineup and enriched services in the global market of surveillance camera systems for security.


Current situation of the Ganz brand

The CBC Group has been playing an active role in the world as a leading manufacturer of video surveillance components for more than 30 years since the beginning of production of lens products in 1974. During this period, Computar began as a brand of lens products in 1980, and Ganz began as a brand of surveillance camera products and peripheral equipment products in 1998.

The Ganz brand is currently used by more than 100,000 businesses and research and development institutions in the world, and providing products and systems as well as accompanying support and service. Various products are available such as analog surveillance cameras, network surveillance cameras, monitors, digital video recorders, network video recorders, and remote control software, with an abundant lineup by product.